Extra Curricular Activities

Parkurst students experience a wide range of extra curricular activities that are connected directly to their classroom curriculum offerings. Experiences offered cater for the full range of interests of students and include the areas of academia, music, culture and sport.

Parkhurst State School offers all students from Prep to Year Seven the opportunity to participate in Swimming Lessons each year, facilitated by trained personnel. Each season concludes with a ‘Wet Fun’ Day for students from Prep to Year Three and a Swimming Carnival for all students in Years Four to Seven.

Each year, students from Year Three to Seven are given the opportunity to participate in the University of New South Wales Tests across a range of subject areas.

Interschool and Intraschool Sport operates all year round with Cricket, Hockey and Softball available to Year Four during the Summer Season to Seven Students in Terms Four and Seven and Rugby League, Soccer and Netball offered in the Winter Season. Individual classes also conduct Friday afternooon sports to enhance students skills and promote physical activity.

Camps and Excursions are a integrated and connected component of our schoolwide curriculum. Local areas of interest, attractions are visited by students in class groups throughout the year to enhance classroom learning. Cultural performances, in the form of Theatre visits, Arts Council presentations, vsiting musical and theatrical peformances occur throughout the year in the contexr of our term’s learning focus.

A quality Instrumental Music Program operates each week for students in Years Four to Seven. Instruments on offer include woodwind, brass and percussion. All participating students perform in the annual Combined Schools’ Orchestra each November at the Pilbeam Theatre.

Music is an area Parkhurst is well known for. A highly engaging and innovative Music Program operates across the school utilising a wide range of information and communication technologies. Students have the opportuinity to compose their own digital music compositions using software tools as well as midi keyboards connected to the suite of thirty computers in the school’s Music Innovation Centre. The school’s Choir practises and performs regularly at a range of local events and competitions and continues to grow in strength each year.

Parkhurst Idol is also an annual highlight, where all students, staff, parents and carers have the opportunity to perform before the entire school community, be judged and perhaps walk away with a fantastic prize for their efforts.