PAWS Reading Incentives Program

Reading, particularly the development of nightly routines, positive attitudes, comprehension and positive home:school partnerships remains a school wide improvement priority.

PAWS is our school Home Reading Incentives Program that aims to instil an enjoyment of reading in every learner, whilst developing essential knowledge and skills to become competent, independent readers. PAWS the Panther is the proud mascot and patron of this Program and makes regular appearances to encourage learners and present Milestone Certificates.

PAWS is an acronym for Practise Achieves Weekly Success and provides an incentive for all learners to be recognised and awarded for their efforts and enthusiasm. There are a number of key reading milestones established for every learner to strive towards. In one school year, we aim for every learner to read for a total of 160 nights, calculated on four nights of reading per week for ten weeks over four terms.

Milestone Certificates
At the beginning of the school year, in Learning Neighbourhoods, Teachers will set up consistent nightly Homework and Reading routines. Every learner will be issued with a PAWS Collection Sheet and a Parent/Carer Reading Comment Log to keep track of book titles and progress. Once key milestones are met, learners will meet with Ms Stace in the Reading Centre to verify achievement with Milestone Certificates issued at Friday’s Muster.


For every 10 PAWS achieved, readers will receive a ‘PAWS Buck’ worth $10. The PAWS Bucks can then be cashed in as real money twice a term at the ‘PAWS Pop Up Shop’ which will open once every five weeks to purchase a variety of items. 

PAWS Bucks may also be used to …

  • purchase items from a special ‘PAWS Pop Up Store’ at School Discos
  • select an item from a prominently displayed ‘PAWS Prize Box’, encouraging readers to save and grow their PAWS Bucks. The most expensive item will be $20, which will have a higher ‘PAWS Buck’ equivalent
  • purchase at special ‘Rewards’ Days 
  •  cash in for an Icy Cup on Fridays
  • attend a special lunchtime event (eg; Disco, Movie or Technology Session) using ‘PAWS’ Bucks to purchase tickets and treats

Email PAWS at